• Are you addressing the HIPAA Security Rule encryption specifications? Penalties for non-compliance are severe.
    It's the Law.

    Are you encrypting ePHI in transit on the Internet?

  • Smartphone use is riskier than you may know, and requires a proactive approach to data protection.
    Love your smartphone?

    Make it an Asset, not a Liability

  • PHI·Gard™ Hosted E-Mail and Apps services start at only $49 / month with a $99 setup fee!
    Encryption You Can Afford

    Security You Can't Afford to Be Without

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Is your staff using Gmail®, Outlook®, or Smartphones to communicate ePHI?

  • PHI·Gard℠ Hosted

Protecting ePHI and complying with the HIPAA/HITECH security rule no longer have to stop your organization from reaping the benefits of easy-to-use webmail, online document sharing and collaboration apps.  The "big four" hosted e-mail services simply do not support HIPAA compliance.  PHI·Gard℠ Hosted brings you e-mail, secure document sharing, and even a branded portal and custom domain that you can provide to patients and business associates with a need to send you sensitive messages.  At PHI·Gard℠, our goal is to make online security rule compliance easy for you and your staff.

  • PHI·Gard™ Secure Forms

Has your organization been accepting patient registration information via unencrypted web forms in violation of the HIPAA Security Rule, or has the fear of non-compliance been stopping you from leveraging your web site to simplify your intake workflow?  The truth is that even most websites that encrypt patient registration forms go on to transmit or store ePHI in violation of the law, putting patient data at risk and exposing organizations to large fines.  In combination with PHI·Gard℠ Hosted E-Mail, PHI·Gard℠ Secure Forms allow you to accept ePHI via your web site in a compliant fashion with no visible changes to most web form designs and no need to rehost form pages in most cases.

  • PHI·Gard℠ Services

Inpatient hospitals and large medical groups can have internal IT requirements above and beyond those driven by HIPAA/HITECH compliance.  Although our standard solutions are scaleable to hundreds or thousands of users, if your organization requires dedicated servers, need internal hosting of managed platforms, or has other special requirements, PHI·Gard℠ Services can work with you to custom-tailor a solution or deployment that addresses your organization's business values.  Our goal is to make simple online communications that support HIPAA/HITECH compliance a reality for every healthcare organization.

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