PHI·Gard Secure Web Forms for Healthcare

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Accepting Patient Registration Data Insecurely via the Web?

  • Does your web site allow patients to submit ePHI via unencrypted web forms?
  • Does your site use SSL form encryption, but transmit the data in violation of the HIPAA/HITECH Security Rule or store it in a non-compliant environment?
  • Has your office wanted to accept registration via web forms, but been concerned about the complexity and cost of compliance?

PHI·Gard Secure Forms, in combination with a PHI·Gard Hosted E-Mail account and web site protected with an SSL certificate*, provide your business with a simple way to accept patient information via your web site (even using existing HTML form designs!) while providing for secure and HIPAA/HITECH Security Rule compliant delivery and storage of the data.

Starting at only $49/ month

(single-form account, setup additional, requires PHI·Gard Hosted E-mail Service for secure delivery and storage)

* Though not necessary for the SecureForm service as such to work, PHI·Gard strongly recommends that all organizations dealing with sensitive data protect all content delivered by their web servers using SSL certificates toward protecting website users from “man-in-the-middle” attacks.