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Contact UsThe PHI·Gard™ family of solutions is an array of offerings designed to help HIPAA Covered Entities and their Business Associates securely and cost-effectively address compliance obligations and go beyond a “just-enough” approach to compliance to reduce busines liability and protect sensitive data.

PHI·Gard℠ Hosted – Hosted E-mail for HIPAA Covered Entities and Business Associates

For offices seeing an increasing demand on the part of users for a web-based e-mail offering in addition to or instd of traditional e-mail clients, but understandably concerned about the compliance consequences of relying on general-purpose web-based e-mail solutions such as Google Apps, Gmail, and Yahoo, PHI·Gard™ Hosted e-mail offers a secure, web-based e-mail solution including features that support HIPAA compliance for secure e-mail delivery to non-subscribers.

PHI·Gard℠ Forms – Secure Forms in support of HIPAA/HITECH Compliance

For many offices and enterprises that are eager to reap the benefits of patient self-registration via web-based forms, the potential for HIPAA violations or the exposure of ePHI to interception by unauthorized parties has proved daunting.  PHI·Gard™ Forms, when use in conjunction with PHI·Gard™ Hosted e-mail, offers a secure, encrypted web form solution in support of the HIPAA compliance initiatives of Covered Entities and their Business Associates.