PHI·Gard Hosted E-Mail for HIPAA Compliance

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Easier HIPAA Security™

Compliance is Your Responsibility

  • Are your e-mail, collaboration, and document sharing solutions making you non-compliant?
  • Are your patients increasingly demanding the ability to communicate with your staff via e-mail?
  • Do you wish your staff members could easily and securely collaborate and share documents containing ePHI?
  • Do you want to reassure your patients and business associates regarding your commitment to security and compliance with a custom-branded portal for securely communicating sensitive information (see

Starting at only $49 / month

(4-user account, setup $99, includes 5GB shared storage, custom header branding and a branded subdomain – both subject to approval and organizational verification.  PHI·Gard reserves the right to decline any service or subdomain request for any reason, and only offers services to validated organizations in the U.S. and Canadian healthcare industry.)